My mission is to touch lives with my music and my arts so we can change the world.

Luciana Menezes is a Brazilian born singer, who has become known as an acclaimed presence in the world of Brazilian music. Born in Petrópolis to an Evangelistic saxophonist mother, Luciana traveled from church to church singing Gospel from a very young age. At that time, Luciana learned the power that music has to transform people, and the joy music brings not only to the audience, but to the artists themselves. In her teens, Luciana moved to New York .and experienced being on her own for the first time. Luciana, worked numerous jobs, took voice lessons, and frequented local jazz clubs where she got inspired to continue  pursuing her own music. It soon became clear to Luciana that seeds for her music profession were sprouting.

Today, Luciana and her band portray the various sounds of Brazil with rhythms that range from Bossa Nova to Samba, Baião, Afoxe, Choro and Forró. The repertoire is composed of popular Brazilian songs with a personal touch of jazz and operatic techniques to add soul and deep felt emotion.

In short, her music can be described as impassioned and stirring. On stage, Luciana is theatrical and fervent. Her passion for her country's culture and the love of its music seems to open up a portal where the audience feels as if they are in the midst of a cross culture fusion of the traditional cool relaxed styles of Brazil with the rhythmic intensity of Jazz and opera-like arias. Rarely is there a performance where people leave feeling "untouched."  This open hearted singing has earned Luciana a loyal following.

 Besides music and art, Luciana has great passion for animals and  is protective of their environment. She supports several causes against  animal cruelty.