Luciana started painting a few years ago in order to save her own self. Painting for her was and is an important form of expression for what she feels politically, spiritually, and philosophically. Her medium is mostly acrylic and oil on canvas. The genre is abstract landscape with an occasional political influence. The repeating themes of strength in nature, beauty in city’s manmade landscape, water, and Brazil’s recent political struggle of putting an end to corruption is found in deep reds, oranges and yellows, soothing blues, contrasting greens and spiritual whites. She hopes, when viewing her paintings, you go to a place of peace, comfort, nourishment, but also belief in change and faith. Like the title of her show, “Living in the dream”, painting has been a living embodiment of that philosophy. Believe and you can become it, believe it will change, and it will.

Note: A percentage of the sales of Luciana's paintings will be donated to the “Tooth Brush Project Fund” a non-profit project helping children and teens’ dental health by distributing toothbrushes and dental floss to the children living in the slums in Brazil.